Poland: Foreigners may also be covered by national social benefit programme ‘Family 500+’


According to the draft Act on the state support in bringing up children, not only Polish citizens will be covered by the government programme ‘Family 500+’, but also certain categories of foreigners. On the basis of this regulation, families with more than one child will receive a benefit of 500 PLN (approximately 125 EUR) per child for a second child and subsequent. In the case of poor families, the benefit will be granted also for a first child. 

Among categories of foreigners entitled to ‘500 PLN per child’, will be possessors of a residence card containing an annotation ‘access to labour market’ (i.e. foreigners entitled to work in Poland with or without an obligation to possess a work permit), with the exception of those who have the right to perform work in Poland on the basis of a visa, third country nationals granted a work permit for a period not exceeding six months and foreign students.

Currently, the bill which aims to “support families with children and encourage others to have children”, is undergoing social consultations.

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