Portugal: Refugee Council seeks supportive landlords


Portugal is expected to host and integrate close to 5 thousand refugees. Despite the 52 municipalities that have expressed their willingness to host refugees, the lack of council housing is a challenge faced by many local authorities. The need is particularly urgent in the municipalities of Oeiras and Sintra, in the Metropolitan Area of Lisbon. The Portuguese Refugee Council (CPR) has therefore launched an appeal towards “supportive landlords” across the country who have empty small apartments of typology T0 and T1.  

According to President of the CPR Teresa Tito de Morais, the Council’s appeal aims to create ‘a portfolio of dwellings that can be rented immediately, as refugees arrive to Portugal, in order to make the integration process as smooth as possible. She adds that the CPR has partnered with some local authorities to ensure housing for the refugees, but ‘affordable residential alternatives are scarce’; a feature of the Portuguese housing market which is also a challenge for native citizens. The Council is thus asking landlords to show their solidarity by rendering apartments available at an affordable price. The dwelling with one or two rooms that the CPR is currently seeking are intended for families up to four people: single parents or couples with two children.

Potential landlords can send their proposals by email.

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Source: European Web Site on Integration

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