Czech Republic: Introducing the internal employee card, for a stay without visa

Foreigners will be able to work in the Czech Republic for a longer time without extending their visas, according to an amendment to the law on foreigners’ stay and others changes to relevant laws, proposed by the Interior Ministry and approved by the government yesterday 28 November. The proposed amendment is now to be assessed by the Chamber of Deputies of Czech parliament.

The new bill introduces a internal employee card that will make it possible for foreign managers, specialists or trainees working in a firm or corporation with a head office outside the EU, as well as foreigners who arrive in the Czech Republic for seasonal work to stay in the country for up to six months. Exceptionally, if their business activities implies a significant investment, the card allows a stay of up to two years for the first category of workers.

The legal changes will also make the delivery process of residence documents for foreigners staying abroad more efficient. The documents will be first sent electronically to the relevant diplomatic mission abroad that will deliver them in paper form by post. Consequently, investment in the upgrading of the Interior Ministry´s and the Foreign Ministry´s information systems needs to be made.

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via the European Web Site on Integration

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