PhD Candidate in EU post-crisis legitimacy

The legitimacy crisis literature argues that political orders can be caught in a downward spiral of declining effectiveness and declining legitimacy where they assume responsibilities for managing other systems that exceed their ability to generate the legitimacy needed to discharge those responsibilities. Have problems originating in the financial system created legitimacy difficulties for the EU which have, in turn, limited its ability to reform its Carbon Trading scheme to manage ecological problems?

This research will

a) identify options the European Commission has considered to reform the Carbon Trading scheme;

b) frame hypotheses that test whether there is any link between the financial crisis, legitimacy indicators and difficulties reforming the Carbon Trading scheme; and

c) test those hypotheses through process-tracing techniques, including analysis of official documents and interviews with key decisions in EU institutions and member states.

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ORGANISATION/COMPANY          University of Oslo

RESEARCH FIELD                               Political sciences


RESEARCHER PROFILE                   First Stage Researcher (R1)

APPLICATION DEADLINE               31/01/2017 23:00 – Europe/Athens

LOCATION                                                Norway › Oslo

TYPE OF CONTRACT                           Temporary

JOB STATUS                                             Full-time

HOURS PER WEEK                               37.5

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