PhD Research Project: Transforming political action intentions into political behaviour

ORGANISATION/COMPANY                  University of Sheffield

RESEARCH FIELD                                       Sociology

RESEARCHER PROFILE                          First Stage Researcher (R1)

APPLICATION DEADLINE                      01/02/2017 00:00 – Europe/London

LOCATION                                                      United Kingdom

TYPE OF CONTRACT                                 Permanent

JOB STATUS                                                  Full-time



Social psychologists have long sought to understand the predictors of people’s willingness to participate in collective action and other types of political behaviour. However, nearly all the empirical work on this topic has measured political action intentions rather than political behavior. As such, little is known about the factors and processes that operate in a political context to transform individuals’ action intentions into actual behavior. This project seeks to fill this gap by integrating the literatures on behavior change and collective action, with the aim of developing strategies that will effectively encourage actual political behaviour.

Funding Notes

This is one of many projects in competition for the current funding opportunities available within the Department of Psychology. Please see here for full details:

Overseas students are welcome to apply for funding but must be able to demonstrate that they can fund the difference in the tuition fees.

Requirements: We ask for a minimum of a first class or high upper second-class undergraduate honours degree and a distinction or high merit at Masters level in psychology or a related discipline.


Further Details:

Διαβάστε Επίσης  Traineeships at the European Commission

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