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Closing date: 25 Apr 2017


The purpose of the mission is to be part of the comprehensive response of MdM network in the provision of free and quality health care for migrants and refugees in the migratory process in Greece (Attica, Northern and Western Greece). MdM Spain will be responsible of coordinating the Mental Health and Psychosocial Support services provided to the staff and volunteers working in our area of intervention (doctors, nurses, interpreters, social workers, community mediators) and to assess and intervene when necessary, with migrants/refugees that attend MdM´s health services through both fixed and mobile medical units.


  • The Mental Health & Psychosocial Coordinator will be part of the Coordination team set up by MdM Network (Greece, Belgium, France and Spain) to respond to the humanitarian migrants/refugees crisis in Greece.
  • He/she will report to the ECHO Project Coordinator in Greece and to the Humanitarian Unit of MdM-Spain – a regular follow up will be established with the MHPSS technical referent.
  • He/she will be responsible of coordinating the MHPSS components of the ECHO project and the psychosocial team deployed in the fixed and mobile medical units in the field.


  • The main objective is to ensure a Psychosocial and Gender approach in MdM´s intervention with migrants/refugees in open camps in Attica, Northern and Western Greece regions.
  • The psychosocial team-under the coordination of the MHPSS Coordinator- will be in charge of providing psychosocial care and tools to the staff intervening with migrants and refugees and of addressing a comprehensive psychosocial intervention with migrants and refugees (facilitating referrals routes to public system and direct individual/group intervention when needed), with a Gender approach.
  • The actions should enable MdM staff to deepen the understanding of the mental health/distress experienced by the migrant/refugee population arriving to Greece and strengthen their skills to deal with the psychosocial dimension of beneficiaries. Building resilience capacities of targeted population through the provision of psychosocial care is another expected result.


  • Assess MHPSS needs in the project and ensure a psychosocial approach in all MdM´s interventions
  • Be part of the coordination team and coordinate a team of psychologists deployed in fixed and mobile medical units.
  • Identifying and take part of the recruitment process of a National Mental Health Coordinator
  • Responsible of capacity building of the psychological team (training in specific topics/approaches relevant to the intervention)
  • Coordinate and conduct -if necessary-trainings in Psychological First Aid, PFA, for workers/volunteers and health staff directly intervening with migrants/refugees
  • Coordinate the intervention strategy of the psychosocial team deployed in the fixed and mobile medical units.
  • Develop a standard referral pathway for severe cases of Mental Health, victims of SGBV and/or torture, who may disclose to health staff, and ensure training for health personnel on how to provide safe, ethical, and confidential referrals.
  • Work in coordination with the Greek and International MdM team.




Διαβάστε Επίσης  Senior Case Management Officer @ International Rescue Committee / Athens

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