Recent social policy developments in Croatia, the FYR of Macedonia and Turkey

Three new Flash Reports (16/06/2017) prepared by the European Social policy Network (ESPN) are now available and provide information on recent social policy developments in Croatia, the FYR of Macedonia and Turkey:

  • A new research study points to the extreme financial and related difficulties faced by parents with school-aged children who are in receipt of social assistance in Croatia. The study also contains policy recommendations.
  • In the FYR of Macedonia, the Roma Health Mediators (RHMs) programme was introduced in 2012 to give Roma easier access to healthcare and make them aware of their health rights. Despite its broad positive assessment, the programme’s continuation is under threat: RHMs have service contracts which do not entitle them to benefits related to sick leave, maternity leave or accidents at work, and this has contributed to a decrease in the number of RHMs. Moreover, the funding of the programme was cut substantially in 2016.
  • Turkey has recently reduced public healthcare insurance premiums and extended the period during which young people are covered under their parents’ insurance. Both policies are expected to reduce the number of households without access to healthcare services due to their failure to pay their premiums.

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