Researcher / Social Science and Statistics – Italy

ORGANISATION/COMPANY  Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II

RESEARCH FIELD                       Sociology


  First Stage Researcher (R1)
  Recognised Researcher (R2)
  Established Researcher (R3)
  Leading Researcher (R4)

APPLICATION DEADLINE     21/09/2017 23:59 – Europe/Brussels

LOCATION                                     Italy

TYPE OF CONTRACT                To be defined


The Doctoral School of Social Sciences and Statistics offers an advanced training aimed at fostering the acquisition of a common research vocabulary, and aims to provide a special focus on qualitative and quantitative methods of research grounded on international theoretical debate. The doctoral program focuses on social transformations impacting the fields, processes and cultures of the post-Welfare restructuring of Mediterranean Regions, and particularly the South of Italy, which seek to activate – even in the recurrent glo-calization crisis – strategies and policies against further peripheral marginalization.


The courses focuses on topics such as:

1. Demographic fluxes, labor, immigration;
2. ‘New’ poverties and inequalities;
3. Communication and digital culture;
4. Politics and political governance;
5. Identity cultures and gender;
6. Youth consumption and entrepreneurship;
7. Illegality and organized crime.
8. Statistical techniques for social analysis and Big Data.


Additional Information

Eligibility criteria

Eligible destination country/ies for fellows:

  • Italy

Eligibility of fellows: country/ies of residence:


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