Special Scientist @ the University of Cyprus

  • ORGANISATION/COMPANY University of Cyprus
  • RESEARCH FIELD                      Educational sciences
  • RESEARCHER PROFILE         First Stage Researcher (R1)
  • APPLICATION DEADLINE     15/04/2018 14:00 – Europe/Athens


    Cyprus › Nicosia
    H2020 / Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions

With more than 7.000 students, 104 laboratories and 750 faculty and staff members, the University of Cyprus (UCY) is a young and rapidly expanding university (established in 1989). There are 23 departments and 13 research units and centres, covering a broad spectrum within the life, social, natural and engineering sciences. It is considered to be the leading university and the most active research institution in Cyprus and it currently employs about 550 young scientists using external research funds.

UCY has risen three places to rank 52nd worldwide and 1st among the Cypriot and Greek universities in the high-profile Times Higher Education Young University Rankings 2017, with the world’s 200 best universities that are 50 years old or younger.

The Educational Effectiveness and Improvement research team of the Department of Education (Faculty of Social Sciences and Education) of the University of Cyprus is concerned with the evaluation of educational effectiveness, whether of teachers, schools or educational systems. The team’s major contributions to knowledge in the field are in three distinct but related dimensions.

These are the evaluation of teacher effectiveness, the evaluation of school effectiveness, and the development of generic and differential models of educational effectiveness that can be used for establishing links between research and improvement of policy and practice.

Currently the team’s research agenda is concerned with the development of a dynamic model of educational effectiveness, and the application of effectiveness research to the improvement of educational practice. The team also focuses on studying/measuring the practice of teaching and trying to understand how the integration of generic and content-specific practices can help better explain student learning. Information about the projects of the research team can be found in the following web sites: 

www.ucy.ac.cy/promqe , www.ucy.ac.cy/equality ,

www.ucy.ac.cy/esf , www.ucy.ac.cy/jls , http://ucy.ac.cy/integratingpractices/en/



The Department of Education, the University of Cyprus, announces one (1) vacancy for a full time Special Scientist position.


The special scientist will have the position of an Early-Stage Researcher (PhD candidate, 100%) and will conduct a research project on “Distal and proximal causes of student achievement”. The objectives are the exploration of factors at school and system-level that are associated with quality and equity of effectiveness using cognitive and affective data from all cycles of PISA. A further aim is to complement the indicators with relevant indicators from other data-bases (e.g., NESLI, Education at a Glance) by using multilevel SEM techniques with fixed country effects.

The project aims to identify the magnitude of the effect that school and system level factors have on student cognitive and affective learning outcomes in quality and equity. Further, the project aims to explore possibilities of combining data from international comparative studies with other available international databases.

The successful candidate will work under the supervision of Professor Leonidas Kyriakides and Assistant Professor Charalambos Charalambous. More information on their research interests, projects and publications can be found in the following web sites:

http://ucy.ac.cy/dir/en/component/comprofiler/userprofile/kyriakid and



For more information please contact: Professor Leonidas Kyriakides (kyriakid@ucy.ac.cy, 00357- 22892947)

The material and forms of this announcement can be found in the website https://etn-occam.eu/esr15/

Note: Incomplete applications and applications submitted after the deadline for the submission of applications will not be accepted and evaluated.


Further Details: https://euraxess.ec.europa.eu/jobs/277213

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