Call for participants: Making counter and alternative narratives against hate speech accessible

Date: Monday 24th to Saturday 29th of September 2018
Place: European Youth Center in Strasbourg, France
Application deadline: 10th of June
Application form:


Counter and Alternative Narratives (CANs) are important tools against hate speech, but how do we use them? The aim of this Study Session is to make counter and allternative narratives accessible.

You will both learn how to use the We CAN! Manual [ no-hate-campaign/we-can- alternatives] to make your own counter and alternatives against hate speech, as well as develop your own activities for using CANs in youth work.


You may find a draft program for the Study Session here. The final agenda may be subject to changes.

The aim of the study session is to support the No Hate Speech Movement, youth workers and human rights educators by providing methods, experience and reflections on how to use We CAN! manual and make it more accessible in youth work.

-To increase the understanding of CANs through developing actual CANs
-To allow space to reflect on how participants can use CANs
-To improve participant’s competence in using «We CAN» through experiencing the manual in practice, learning how to use it, share and reflect on the group’s experiences
-To develop activities and accessible templates with instructions on how to use «We CAN» in a youth workshop
-To disseminate and make the new tools accessible to the No Hate Speech Movement, the participants of the study session and other human rights educators / youth leaders

Participant profile

To participate in the Study Session you should be between 18 and 35 years old and have organised at least one Human Rights educational activity with youth within the context of the No Hate Speech Movement.

Relevant knowledge, skills or attitudes:

-Knowledge of the No Hate Speech Movement.
-Experience from working with media and journalism, or storytelling.
-Experience with creating content using video, text or audio.
-Being hard working and have a high level of motivation.

Preparation and follow-up
Readiness to be active in the e-learning phase before the Study Session
Commitment to follow-up and multiply the learning outcomes
Willingness to continue the networking after the Study Session as a part of the No Hate Speech movement

The participant must participate in online e-learning in advance of the Study Session from July to September. The tasks will be related to you and the No Hate Speech Movement, analysing hate speech in your context and reading from the manual. Participants who do not fulfill the tasks on the online learning platform will not be able to attend the Study Session.

If you do not comply with these criteria, but have experience with combating hate speech or making counter narratives, you are still encouraged to apply.


Application form

Applications must be submitted by the 10th of June through the application form here:

Application form:

We encourage all people to apply, regardless of disability, gender, sexuality, gender identity, ethnicity, nationality, religion or other status.

If you have any question please contact

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