Interpreters @ the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Greece

Vacancy Notice: 2018/HRC/008
Internal & External

The Representation of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in Greece invites qualified candidates to express their interest for this role:

Operational Context:

There are some 50,000 refugees and migrants currently hosted in Greece who arrived and remained in Greece since the 2015 – 2016 mass flow. In 2017, 29,720 people arrived by sea, and some 5,500 by the land border, the majority from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. UNHCR supports the Government which coordinates the refugee and migrant response in the development of policy, with capacity building and targeted interventions in the areas of reception, asylum procedures, and for finding solutions. The situation has greatly improved in the mainland since 2015. There, people are hosted in approximately 25 Government-run sites (camp-like and buildings), as well as in rented housing provided by UNHCR through municipalities and NGOs for some 22,000 asylum-seekers and refugees. Additionally, UNHCR delivers a cash assistance programme, which benefited 37,600 people in December 2017. The situation is more challenging on the islands where there is not enough capacity to accommodate the 13,000 people who have arrived recently, or are awaiting for the completion of their asylum procedures. UNHCR is, in response, supporting the Government transfer those authorized to move to the mainland to continue their applications, along with other types of support. In 2018, UNHCR will continue to implement the cash assistance and accommodation programmes, and will continue to support the Government in policy development, capacity building and targeted interventions in the areas of reception, asylum procedures and solutions.

Purpose and Scope of Assignment:

UNHCR has an agreement with the Heraklion Development Agency (HDA) for creation of reception places to accommodate fully registered asylum seekers for accommodation through the rental of private apartments. Also, UNHCR started cash based interventions in Crete in conjunction accommodation program. As a result, UNHCR has a small team in Crete to assist with the operation and conduct protection monitoring.

The Interpreters will abide by the principles set out in the UNHCR Code of Conduct in the performance of their job. As part of their obligation, the interpreters are to ensure confidentiality and undertake not to disclose or discuss any information about asylum seekers, refugees, internally displaced persons, returnees, stateless persons, (all these categories are hereinafter referred to as persons of concern to UNHCR), colleagues or other work related matters that come to their knowledge as a result of their role as interpreters with UNHCR. The interpreters have an obligation to maintain the confidentiality of information they have received in UNHCR and this obligation continues beyond the termination of their assignment with UNHCR.

The Interpreters are to undertake the following duties under the direct supervision of UNHCR and to carry out their responsibilities and to conduct themselves at all times, both in and outside of UNHCR/UNHCR premises, in a manner that is fully consistent with their obligation of impartiality as a UNHCR/UNHCR interpreters. In particular the interpreters will:

– to the best of their abilities, provide accurate and complete interpretation;
– provide interpretation services in a neutral and non-judgmental manner;
– refrain from engaging in advocacy on behalf of persons of concern to UNHCR;
– not accept payment or favour from or on behalf of persons of concern to UNHCR ;
– not engage in contact or exchanges with persons of concern to UNHCR or other third parties that could undermine, or be perceived to undermine, either their impartiality as interpreters or the fairness and integrity of UNHCR procedures ;
– carry out their responsibilities in a manner that is consistent with UNHCR standards for cultural, gender and age sensitivity in UNHCR procedures.

Monitoring and Progress Control:
The performance of the contractors and the adherence to the above mentioned codes of conduct shall be monitored and evaluated by the supervisor.

Definition and Progress Controls:
As per agreement with the supervisor.

Essential Minimum Qualifications & Professional Experience Required:
– Completion of secondary education.
– Fluency in English or Greek and one of the following languages: Arabic, Urdu, Dari, Pashtu, Kurdish.
– Minimum 2 years of previous experience relevant to the function.

(Non-EU applicants can apply provided they have the required documents to work in Greece).

Required competencies:
– Proven skills in communicating proficiently from the assigned language to English or Greek and vice versa. This means accurate listening, speaking, reading and writing,
reporting in both languages in a verbatim and efficient manner.
– Professional conduct and ethics in the course of performing interpretation and translation services.

Desirable Qualifications & Competencies:
– Local knowledge of services.
– Bachelor degree or higher qualification.
– Prior experience in interpretation/translation.

Submission of Applications:
– Interested applicants should apply through the link provided herein, attaching the UN Personal History Form in PDF Format with a
Motivation Letter in English explaining their interest in the position.
– Shortlisted candidates might be required to sit for a written test and will have to undergo an oral interview.
– No late applications will be accepted.
– Only short-listed applicants will be contacted.

Kindly note that only electronic applications submitted through the website mentioned above will be considered.

UNHCR is an equal opportunity employer and does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or any other fees)



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