Finance and Administration Specialist @ Mosaik Support Center for Refugees and Locals

Key Responsibilities

  1. Accurate and timely bookkeeping:
  • Ensures that financial records are kept accurate and up to date
  • Accomplishes financial objectives by forecasting requirements; preparing an annual budget; scheduling expenditures; keeping a detailed account of monthly expenditures and donations received; planning and initiating corrective actions in collaboration with the staff.
  1. Effective office administration/logistics:

– Maintains an inventory of office supplies and overseeing re-ordering processes

– Ensures a clean and tidy office environment (overseeing the cleaner).

– Ensures timely payment of all bills pertaining to the center (electricity, water, heating, telephone and internet).

– Supports the reception desk with responding to queries in Greek

– Is sometimes responsible for opening and/or closing Mosaik.

  1. Accurate and timely operation of payroll

– Maintains a safe, secure, and legal work environment by overseeing contracts with IKA in collaboration with Mosaik’s accountant, arranges special provisions (sick leave; maternity leave etc.)

– Oversees the operation of the monthly payroll processes to ensure staff are paid accurately and on time.

–  Manages changes and updates to payroll.

 – Responds to ad hoc queries in relation to payroll.

  1. Assist with registrations:

–  Supports the front desk with registrations, phone calls to students, bus ticket distributions and other such logistical tasks as may arise during the registration period.

  1. Communications

– Attends weekly coordination meeting to present on progress in finances and logistics.

– Drafts a monthly report of Mosaik’s activities and finances for Mosaik’s accountant, AMKE and Advisory Board to be made available to all Mosaik staff members for the purpose of transparency.


Essential Qualifications, Knowledge & Experience and Skills

  • Experience using accounting software
  • Experience with balancing budgets and financial planning
  • Fluency in Greek; proficiency in English
  • Highly organised and process driven
  • Strong team player
  • Comfortable using own initiative and taking ownership of processes
  • Able to handle confidential information
  • A thorough understanding of solidarity work surrounding migration in Europe.
  • Sensitivity to cross-cultural dynamics in the work place and experience supervising staff.
  • Positive outlook and fun, with a good sense of humour


How to apply

Please send a CV and cover letter to Eligible applicants will receive an invitation to interview with us in August 2019. 

The job opening will close on August 4th 2019. 


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