Senior Social Worker – Ioannina @ INTERSOS

Job Title: Senior Social Worker

Duty Station: Ioannina

Reports to: Protection Manager, Protection Coordinator


Purpose/objective of the position:

The Senior Social Worker is responsible for the mainstreaming of case management mechanisms of INTERSOS to the Social Workers and in accordance with the Protection Manager’s guidelines. He/she is expected to be able to advise and support all types of case management mechanisms, and act as an advisor for SGBV and Child Protection case management. He/she ensures referrals to actors are carried out by staff adequately and acts with the supervision of the Protection Manager. He/she is responsible for gathering information, from Social Workers and disseminating this information to the Protection Manager. He/she is responsible for the day to day management of the team and ensuring the right information and guidance is provided to the Social Worker’s team. He/she is expected to act as Social Worker when needed.

He/she is expected to be honest and transparent and keep the necessary level of confidentiality on information acquired on the job.


Management and Programme Quality:

  • Operate within a rights-based approach and ensure that all activities done are within a protection centered environment
  • Ensure smooth operations within the Social Worker’s Team and other actors
  • Coordinate the process of Data Collection in accordance with GDPR and sharing among the rest of the team accordingly
  • Manage the Case Management process
  • Monitor the relations between staff and other protection service providers
  • Oversee dissemination of information to his/her team
  • Supervision of accompaniment focal points


Monitoring and Reporting:

  • Provide regular progress reports to Protection Manager and Protection Coordinator when required
  • Provide necessary data as requested so as to facilitate external reporting in relation to the population hosted in Thessaloniki and Protection support provided
  • Compile requested reports for internal and donor use
  • Compile weekly/monthly data reporting for donors or as often is requested
  • Collect Reporting input from Social Worker’s team


Finance and Administration:

  • Comply with all established procedures for financial management
  • Plan the spending framework for Social Worker’s team related budget and submit to the Protection Manager
  • Ensure managed staff follows administration procedures
  • Operate within budget lines assigned to the specific endeavor


Human Resources and Personnel Management:

  • Ensure the creation and maintaining of respectful and positive working relationships, which allow for the effective implementation of all activities
  • Ensure reporting mechanisms are followed by the managed staff
  • Contribute to the selection of staff if needed
  • Regularly provide feedback and review performance of staff
  • Ensure smooth communication is established and maintain within the team and with other supporting entitie
  • Maintain good working relationships with Accommodation and Cultural Mediator’s teams


External Relations:

  • Maintain relations with relevant focal points in relation to the management of pertinent protection processes
  • The Senior Social Worker is one of the focal points for local institution relations pertinent to access to services and can delegate the representation accordingly
  • Comply with donor requirements in all aspects


Reporting Requirements:

As per main duties outlined above the Senior Social Worker is responsible for:

  • Reports to Protection Manager, Protection Coordinator and Project Manager when necessary
  • Participate in Weekly Team Meetings
  • Attend Internal Protection Meetings
  • Attend Protection workshops and seminars provided by other Actors
  • Provide Operational reports as necessary
  • Plan and organize Social Workers general activities and day to day tasks too
  • Act as a focal point of Case Management with regards to problem solving


Past Experience and Skills:

  • Social Work degree and License to practice is mandatory
  • At least 2 years’ experience in the refugee context
  • Great team management skills
  • Able to work under pressure
  • Very good reporting skills
  • Native Greek speaker, fluent in English, both written and verbal


If you wish to apply for any of the above positions, please submit your CV along with a Cover Letter in Englishat until 16th of November at .

All CVs will be evaluated by our HR Department with absolute discretion.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for an interview appointment.


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