Legal Assistant internship @ ECRE

ECRE is offering a 6-month legal internship: April – September 2019. The purpose of this position is to assist ECRE’s Legal Support and Litigation Team with legal training, legal research on specific topics relating to international protection, managing the ELENA Weekly Legal Update and administrative tasks related to the ELENA network.

EIGE | Seconded national expert – Research and statistics

The European Institute for Gender Equality (EIGE) invites applications with a view to establishing a reserve list for Seconded National Experts (SNE) Statistician. The registration of applications will close on 20 January 2019 at 13:30 Eastern European Time (EET).

OECD Young Professionals Programme 2019

The Young Professionals Programme (YPP) brings talented young professionals into the OECD to work and develop their career with the guidance of senior colleagues.

2018 Traineeships at the European Council

The General Secretariat of the Council (GSC) offers around 100 paid traineeships a year to EU nationals who, by the deadline for submitting applications, have…

Training placements at the European Parliament

The European Parliament offers young people who have a secondary-school leaving certificate, obtained before the deadline for applications, corresponding to the level required for entry to university,…

Άσκηση, πρακτική, μαθητεία – ποιο σας ταιριάζει; / Traineeship, internship, apprenticeship – which one is for you?

Αν είστε κάτω των 35 ετών και αναζητάτε εργασία, τότε το Η πρώτη σου δουλειά μέσω του EURES και η νέα πύλη Drop’pin@EURES μάλλον είναι…

YPUN: Young Professionals – United Nations

Στα πλαίσια νέων διεθνών συνεργασιών, το ξεκίνησε μια νέα συνεργασία με το YPUN : Young Professionals – United Nations. To YPUN είναι μια κοινότητα…

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