The 23rd European Social Services Conference

The European Social Network organised the 23rd European Social Services Conference in Lisbon on 6-8 July 2015.

The theme was “Connect! – Building Partnerships to Improve Lives”.

Building social service partnerships for people with care, health, educational, housing and employment needs can deliver more personalised assessment and improve outcomes, a focus on integrated community living and better use of public budgets. Participants representing national, regional and local authorities, public social service providers as well as private providers, experts and NGOs from over 30 countries discussed how government and industry should develop solutions to build partnerships, integrate services and improve lives.

Commissioner Thyssen delivered a video message on modernising social protection systems in the European Union and the role of high quality social services in these reforms at the conference’s opening session. The session also featured the Portuguese Minister of Solidarity, Employment and Social Security and the Minister for Family and Integration from Luxembourg. The closing round table of the event also gathered high level speakers including the Minister of Health of Portugal, the Minister of Employment and Welfare of the Region Galicia in Spain, the Secretary of State for Social Affairs and Employment in the Netherlands and the Secretary of State for Combating Poverty of Belgium.

For more information, please visit the conference website.


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