Provision of legal and psycho-social aid in Thessaloniki

ελληνικό-συμβούλιο-για-τους-πρόσφυγεςTimetable: February 2015 – April 2016

Project manager: Greek Council for Refugees, Greece

Countries of implementation: Greece

Support: Supported by a grant from the SolidarityNet Foundation

Aim: The purpose of this grant is to maintain and enlarge GCR’s provision of legal and psycho-social aid in the region of Thessaloniki.

Activities: In particular GCR’s team in Thessaloniki will execute the following activities:

–  Provision of legal information and counseling on the asylum procedure and issues of integration

–  Provision of psycho-social support and counseling to vulnerable refugees

–  Provision of interpretation services

–  Interview and assessment of cases

–  Representation before first instance asylum committees and courts

–  Provision of counseling to detained asylum seekers, refugees and victims of racist violence

–  Documentation and promotion of interventions and successes made, as well as of  institutional problems faced

Moreover, the team will cooperate with local stakeholders and authorities as well, in order  to promote and advocate refugee rights in coordination with GCR advocacy strategy. 


Results: The outcome of the project is that an increased number of asylum seekers and recognized  refugees in Thessaloniki have access to legal and social services. It is expected that 2.000 persons will benefit during the project period.


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