What is the UN Internship?

The United Nations Internship Programme is usually the easiest way for young professionals to start a career in the United Nations System.

The purpose of the UN internship is to expose young people to the work of the United Nations and other UN System organisations, deepening their knowledge and understanding of the organisation’s goals, principles and activities, and to provide them an opportunity to gain real experience within the organisation and develop their professional competencies in the relevant area.


To become a UN intern one has to be a student or a recent graduate, speak English or French and should not be related to a UN employee. Learn more about the requirements here.


The United Nations Internship Programmes are offered in the UN Headquarters located all around the world. Find out more about the UN internship locations.

How to apply

To apply for the UN internship, one should register in the Inspira System and prepare the application form called the Personal History Profile (PHP) for the specific internship job opening. Available UN internship vacancies are listed in the Inspira system or on the UN official website.

Learn more about the application process here.

Tips to become a UN intern

Getting into the UN Internship Programme is a challenging but not an impossible task. Competition is fierce with numerous candidates from all over the world applying for available positions.

With the tips offered by YPUN on how to get a UN Internship, you will stand out among other applicants and land your dream international job.

Internship preparation with YPUN

The United Nations Internship Programme is a great opportunity to acquire direct exposure to the United Nations’ work. If you are a current student or a fresh graduate, boost your chances to get a UN internship with YPUN’s comprehensive recruitment support.




Source: ypun.org/un-internships

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