Young Professionals United Nations Programme: Career Prospects


Young professionals who pass the examination will be placed in the roster of successful YPP candidates. They will be eligible for consideration for positions at P-2 level in any UN Secretariat duty station or peacekeeping operation.

Job offers to successful candidates are made on an ongoing basis, but placement takes place on a quarterly basis and is conducted centrally 4 times a year. Candidates who refuse to participate in the placement exercise will be removed from the roster.

The list of successful YPP candidates in the roster has a lifespan of two years from the beginning of the first quarterly placement taking place following the conclusion of the examination cycle.

The UN warns that although every effort will be made to secure employment for successful YPP candidates, it cannot  guarantee them a job. Placement from the roster is done in accordance with the needs of the Organisation and with the availability of positions.


First assignment. Initially the selected candidate will be appointed for two years (Initial assignment). Prior to the beginning of the initial assignment, candidates will attend two-week orientation programme.

Second assignment. After the end of the first assignment, the candidate will be appointed for a second assignment in a different duty station.


Young professionals who passed the UN YPP examination and got employed in the United Nations receive an attractive remuneration package with competitive pay and benefits.According to the official UN data, an average salary for the entry level (P-2/P-3) position in New York varies from $63,625 to $105,300 per year.

To view the full list of the benefits the United Nations staff members are entitled to, please see this page.

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