Evaluating the EU programme for Employment and Social Innovation – launch of an open consultation


The European Commission has launched a public consultation in the context of the mid-term evaluation of the EU Programme for Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI).

The consultation seeks feedback from stakeholders and participants or beneficiaries involved in the EaSI programme during the 2014-2016 period, but citizens and other organisations are also welcome to contribute.

This public consultation will not only help to assess the relevance, effectiveness, efficiency, coherence and the EU added-value as well other aspects of the programme, but also to shape the future of the EaSI. It is expected that this open public consultation will provide valuable input to the future development of the EaSI programme.

The public consultation is open until 11 January 2017.



“This public consultation will help to shape the future of the EaSI”


The Employment and Social Innovation (EaSI) programme is a financing instrument to promote a high level of quality and sustainable employment, thereby

  • guaranteeing adequate and decent social protection,
  • combating social exclusion and poverty
  • improving working conditions.

This consultation is part of the EaSI mid-term evaluation which covers the activities during 2014-2016 under the three axes of the EaSI programme

  • Microfinance and Social Entrepreneurship

The consultation responses will be presented in a summary report as well as a synopsis report. The summary will be structured by evaluation criteria, which reflects the structure of the open public consultation questionnaire.




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