5 things you should know before a job interview


Every now and then I read articles about what you shouldn’t do in a job interview. It’s not that this information is untrue or unimportant, but in the end what does it matter if no one has told you actually what you should do?

Information about what to avoid is almost self-explanatory for most young people today. So that’s why I put together a list of what you should do when we are sitting across from each other in an interview setting.

1. Be honest
Reaching the interview stage doesn’t mean you fit the job description down to every single detail but more that you fit to such a degree that it makes sense to meet with you in person. So don’t be afraid of being honest about something you have little or no experience with. Having the guts to say that there is a tool that you haven’t worked with, or a subject you don’t know that well, can be quite positive. It shows that you don’t want the job on false terms, and that you believe enough in your overall ability, knowledge and experience to be honest about what you don’t know.

2. Ask me questions
If the interview feels more like a conversation, chances are that you are making a great impression. I’m going to ask you a bunch of questions, but don’t forget to ask me questions as well. It is a sign of enthusiasm and excitement for the position I’m considering you for. It shows really good social skills when you are able to be comfortable in a situation that for many people feels completely the opposite. Good social skills are important for being considered a possible member of the team in any workplace.

3. Show that you know the company
Remember that you are not the only one that’s being interviewed for a position. So another major point is to show the interviewer that you know the company. This doesn’t apply that there will be a quiz on revenues or number of employees, but some basic knowledge will serve you well in an interview situation.

4. Be creative
This one is closely connected to knowing the company. In a lot of positions, creativity plays a vital part, and if that is the case in your line of work, show it. If you dig into how a company operates, you will always find one or more things that you would like to improve. Show that you have a creative mindset and the possibility to make an impact from day one, by telling the interviewer how you would change things if you had the opportunity.

5. Show confidence
Not very surprising, but still it needs to be mentioned. You might be young, but I want to see a person sitting across from me that knows his or her value. I want eye contact and a steady handshake that tells me “I’m ready for this”. Be hyped, be exited and be bold. Me or another leader saw something in your application that made us interested enough to invite you here. That should give you a confidence boost in itself.

If the “show confidence” part is a major stumbling block for you then not to worry because you can work at that too. Here are 5 hacks to improve your confidence in an interview


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Mads Bukholt is the Managing Director of CupoNation Nordics. Follow CupoNation on Drop’pin to stay informed about any upcoming opportunities. Or get in touch with Mads directly if you need advice on your application or CV.



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