ProWomen Project – Empowered women holds the future

NGO CIVIS PLUS hosted the ProWomen mobility from Monday 12/6/17 till Friday 16/6/17 where women, who participated in the ProWomen project, gathered for five days in Athens to complete the training. It was also the occasion for all the partners to have a last meeting and discuss the success of the Pro-Women project.

Eight different nationalities got together in the city where democracy was born. It was the perfect city and occasion to exchange experiences, feelings, impressions about the training but also create friendships, possible partnerships and share advice! The mobility was ideally scheduled for participants to make the most of their experience.

They had the chance to meet a Greek women, Evi Papadopoulou, who started her own business in Greece. She switched career from mathematics to ice cream making and created a unique business bringing together Italian savoir-faire and Greek natural products. She shared her experience and advice with the future female entrepreneurs. She also shared the challenges she faced although she always made it clear that the obstacles only made her stronger. Women found themselves inspired by Evi’s story and it surely gave them more strength to follow their own dream.

Participants also learned more about business planning and all the tools the internet offers to start a business on the right foot! During these activities, participants could exchange ideas with the women who already put their knowledge into practice. The participants, who had already started their businesses, revealed the steps they followed to launch their business.

Nevertheless, the mobility was not only about business, but also about friendship and bonding at the same time. For this reason, NGO CIVIS PLUS, as hosting organisation, organised a cultural visit of Athens. Women really enjoyed this relaxed day walking around Athens and its major sites. For some of them, it was their first time going abroad and their experience wouldn’t have been complete without a day out in the city.

One adjective came out of this five days: inspiration. Women found themselves inspired by others, by other’s stories, by the training they completed, by the mix of cultures. Indeed, another important point which emerged from these days was the idea of connection between women. The sense of unity was immediate! Finally, all the participants felt empowered by the Pro-Women project and the other women they met.

At the end of the mobility, NGO CIVIS PLUS, provided all the participants with certificates of attendance, achievement and professional & cutural growth in order to mark their achievements. This ceremony concluded the training, the mobility and symbolised the start of a new life for the women as future entrepreneurs.

As the hosting organisation, NGO CIVIS PLUS, felt very proud and delighted to see that the mobility was a triumph! All the feedbacks from both partners and participants were positive. Our only hope now is to hear more about all the great businesses the ProWomen participants will create!

Some words about the ProWomen project

The Pro.Women (Proposals and Strategies for Women Entrepreneurs) is a project funded by the European Commission under the Erasmus + programme (KA 2 – Cooperation for Innovation and the Exchange of Good Practices, Strategic Partnership for Adult Education). The project is a transnational initiative involving eight organizations of 8 European countries: Italy, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia. Following the Europe 2020 strategy and the ET2020 strategy, the Pro.Women project has created innovative, productive and effective synergies through a formative experience both personally and professionally. The project is aimed at women with children, who are seeking their own professional fulfilment and they are confronting with a double difficulty, to find a job and to reconcile work and family. The project intends at new interesting proposals and strategies to help mothers in realizing their own Home Based Businesses.

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