Social Pillar: EDF adopts resolution to promote employment & social inclusion of persons with disabilities

After EDF first reaction to the European Commission’s proposal for the European Pillar of Social Rights (the Social Pillar), and ahead of the Social Summit for Fair Jobs and Growth on the 17 November, EDF Board adopts a resolution in the same context. Through this resolution, EDF Board addresses Heads of States and Governments to call for a strong commitment towards the right to employment, social inclusion and social protection for persons with disabilities and all people in the European Union (EU).

To apply the principles of the Social Pillar and achieve higher employment rate, better working conditions and adequate standards of living and social protection for all EU citizens including persons with disabilities, national governments should commit to its implementation at national level.

To this end, EDF resolution:


Read the full resolution here


EDF and its members will advocate to bring the messages of the resolution at the attention on Heads of States and Governments during the Social Summit on the 17 November 2017 and during the Social Platform side event in Gothenburg on 16 November 2017.

More information about the Social Summit and Social Platform’s side event is available here



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