Poland: “I work legally”, a new campaign to fight informal work

Recent inspections carried out by the National Labour Inspectorate (PIP) indicates that the performance of work without a written employment contract and without paying social security contributions is still one of the most important problems in the Polish labour market (besides unpaid wages and work-related accidents). To fight all forms of informal work, PIP and the Social Insurance Institution have launched a three-year nationwide information and education campaign entitled ‘I work legally!’.

The campaign is addressed to all employees and employers, including third country nationals. Its overall goal is to raise awareness about the rules of employment in accordance with the provisions of the Labour Code and particularly to:

  • promote legal employment in lieu of employment in the informal sector
  • raise awareness about benefits of working legally and risks related to undeclared or falsely declared work
  • condemn illegal practices violating the law
  • inform about forms of assistance from PiP for those who want to eliminate irregularities

The partners of the campaign are: Employers of Poland, Leviathan Confederation, Polish Craft Association, All-Poland Alliance of Trade Unions OPZZ and Association for Legal Intervention.

The campaign’s website

Source: European Website on Integration

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