2 PhD Scholarships in Sociology & Political Science, University of Cyprus 2018

The Department of Social and Political Sciences calls for applications for two PhD scholarships for its PhD programs in Sociology and in Political Science. These scholarships are addressed only to new applicants for admission in September 2018.

The yearly value of the Scholarship will be 12,000 Euros each, that is a 1,333 Euro monthly allowance for nine months (it does not include any obligations during summer), plus tuition. Additionally, 800 Euros per year will be available for presentations at international conferences.

The scholarship will be granted for four years, depending on the performance of the Candidate PhD student, who will be evaluated by the Department Council, and subject to the approval of the necessary funds in the university budget for the following years. Successful applicants will not be allowed to work, within or outside the University, during the period of the Scholarship.

Also, the PhD students will be assigned Teaching Assistant duties or administrative duties at the Department (the equivalent of four hours of work per week during the Fall and Spring semesters).


Deadline: 31 March 2018


Submission of Application:

Applicants must submit electronically their application for the PhD programmes of the department at http://ucy.ac.cy/postgraduate_appl_en. Those interested for a scholarship should state it at Step 11 of the application.

For further information, please contact the Department’s Secretary:

Tel: 22 894561, Fax: 22 894559
ssofroni@ucy.ac.cy, elenap@ucy.ac.cy



Further details:
2 PhD Scholarships in Sociology & Political Science, University of Cyprus, Cyprus (2018)


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