Launching of the Erasmus+ project ‘eSkills4All’

NGO CIVIS PLUS is announcing the launching of ‘Eskills4all’, an Erasmus+ project that targets unemployed adults with a special focus on digitally low skilled women, which will offer practical tools in line with the aim of supporting these categories to (re)enter the labor market. We are partnering with organizations from five European countries.

The project was officially launched last November with a kick off meeting in the UK and it is an on-going project until 2020.

The initiative aims to tackle the existing gap between digital illiteracy and the demands of the labor market.

The European Commission, via the Digital Education Action Plan, is stressing the importance of this plan as around 44% of Europeans lack these skills, vital for the digital innovation and technology sector.  (more info


Partners: CIVIC (UK), ADR Nord-Est (Romania), Civis Plus (Greece), Emphasys Centre (Cyprus), Antenna (Cyprus), WIDE (Luxembourg).


More information can be accessed on the newly launched website

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