Forging a common path: A European approach to the integration of refugees and asylum-seekers

This International Rescue Committee (IRC) report argues that the EU is at a unique turning point at which it is vital to invest in the integration of people who have sought protection in Europe, and that EU institutions have a key role in putting this into practice. The implementation of the European Commission’s Action Plan on Integration coming to an end in 2018, ongoing discussions about the restructuring of EU funding for integration and a new Commission in 2019 create an ideal moment to reflect on the shape and extent of future EU action on integration, it adds.

The report aims to contribute to this process by highlighting good practices and suggesting some fundamental considerations. It points out that despite limits to its legislative competence, the EU has a key role to play in shaping a European integration policy that should support actors delivering policy and services at the local and national levels, including through a strategic approach to EU funding. It sets out five fundamental principles that should underpin a common approach to integration by these actors.

These principles, informed by humanitarian practice, stipulate that: integration support that enables full participation in society should be context-specific, build upon strong and varied local partnerships, be rooted in local communities, be strength-based and client-focused, as well as sensitive to the needs of specific groups.

This IRC report also provides an overview of the current situation of refugees and asylum-seekers in the EU.


International Rescue Committee Report


Source: European Website on Integration

Διαβάστε Επίσης  H ΙRC ζητά την επείγουσα εκκένωση των πλέον ευάλωτων προσφύγων, έπειτα από το πρώτο επιβεβαιωμένο κρούσμα κορωνοϊού στη Μόρια

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