EPIC publishes policy memo on supporting family-friendly workplaces

The European Platform for Investing in Children (EPIC) has published a policy memo which provides an overview of policies and initiatives in EU countries supporting family-friendly workplaces.


The importance of family friendly workplaces

Many parents in the European Union still find it very difficult to combine work and family responsibilities. Almost 40% of respondents to the 2016 European Quality of Life Survey stated that they found it difficult to fulfil their family responsibilities because of time spent at work. In some countries, this figure was well over 50%.

An acceptable work-life balance is part of the European Pillar of Social Rights. Family-friendly workplaces can help to achieve the realisation of this right by allowing parents flexibility in their working hours and location so that they can also fulfil their caring responsibilities.

This EPIC policy memo, Family-friendly workplaces: Overview of policies and initiatives in Europe, provides an overview of the policies and initiatives in member states that support family-friendly workplaces. It provides examples both of legislative provisions for flexible working and non-legislative initiatives that attempt to promote and support family-friendly workplaces. These include accreditation schemes, financial support for making workplaces more family-friendly, and the dissemination of information about family-friendly working practices.

The memo is aimed at policymakers who are looking for ideas about possible practices to implement, as well as researchers who are looking for a quick overview of existing practices in member states.


EPIC supports Member States to invest in children

The memo is part of a series of short policy memos  focusing on topics relevant to child welfare aimed at policymakers, researchers and practitioners.

EPIC also publishes a wide range of content focused on supporting child wellbeing. EPIC’s country profiles, available in English, French and German, also provide an overview of measures taken in each Member State to support investment in children. This includes data on childhood poverty and disadvantage and a collection of innovative policy initiatives.



Source: ec.europa.eu

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