What is the Gender Dimension in Research? Case Studies in Interdisciplinary Research

The Norwegian Institute at Athens welcomes you to a seminar on the occasion of the new book by Trine Rogg Korsvik and Linda M. Rustad,

What is the Gender Dimension in Research? Case Studies in  Interdisciplinary Research

The seminar takes place Thursday 17th January 2019, at 13.00 at the Norwegian Institute at Athens, Tsami Karatasou 5 (Acropolis or Syggrou Fix Metro Stations).

All welcome!

In later years, the gender dimension in research has received increased attention. Gender perspectives are seem to improve the quality and relevance of research in the widest variety of disciplines, either they belong under the larger umbrellas of Humanities, Law, Social Sciences, Paedagogy, Life Sciences, or others. According to the European Commission and several national research funding institutions, a gender dimension should be part of research whenever relevant, since it also drives innovation. The gender dimension is also part of the UN Sustainable Development goals, since gender equality is, in the UN’s words, “a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world.”

However, what does “the gender dimension” and a gender critical approach mean?

When are they relevant?

The new book addresses researchers and students who are curious about what the gender dimension entails. By presenting case studies from a variety of research fields, such as health and quality of life, food, agriculture and fisheries, energy, transport, environment and climate, and safe societies, the authors Trine Rogg Korsvik and Linda M. Rustad aim to inspire students, researchers and others who want to learn more about how to work with the gender dimension in research.


PROGRAMME (13.00-15.00):

13.00 Coffee and snacks.
13.15 Welcome by the Norwegian Institute’s Director, Jorunn Økland.
13.20 Presentation by the authors, Trine Rogg Korsvik and Linda M. Rustad.
14.15 Response by Alexandra Halkias, Professor of Sociology, Panteion University.
14.25 Brief presentation of gender perspectives in the EEA / Norway Grants, by Polyxeni A. Anastasiou, EEA / Norway Grants Officer, Royal Norwegian Embassy in Athens.
14.30 Open discussion.


Further details: What is the gender dimension in research? is published by KILDEN (genderresearch.no), an independent sub-unit of the Research Council of Norway. Kilden has a national responsibility for promoting and disseminating gender research and research with gender perspectives, and in accordance with this mandate the book is downloadable for free. The authors of the book represent KILDEN in a Greece-led, EU-funded consortium called “Gender Equality Academy (SWAFS)”, which is the context for their visit in Athens.


The seminar is open to everyone, and in particular welcomes students and researchers, bureaucrats; journalists and embassy staff.

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