J-PAL Europe seeks partners for European Social Inclusion Initiative

The Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab Europe (J-PAL Europe) recently launched the European Social Inclusion Initiative (ESII). This multi-year research and policy outreach initiative aims to generate new evidence and to share lessons for policies and programmes that support the social inclusion of migrants and refugees in Europe.

The first phase of research will seek to answer the question, ‘How can education interventions improve the inclusion and the socioeconomic future of first- and second-generation migrants and refugees in Europe?’

As part of ESII, J-PAL Europe is seeking implementing partners who want to measure the impact of their programmes through rigorous evaluations. These partners—which could include governments, NGOs, multilateral organisations or businesses—will work closely with J-PAL’s network of researchers to design a randomised evaluation. 

J-PAL Europe is based at the Paris School of Economics. It is the European arm of J-PAL, a global research centre working to reduce poverty by ensuring that policy is informed by scientific evidence. Founded in 2003 at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, J-PAL’s research network now includes 170 professors at 56 universities around the world.

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Source: European Website On Integration


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