Child guarantee feasibility study – Report on the consultation now online

The large majority of respondents to the consultation on the feasibility of a Child guarantee, launched early this year, indicated that their country should combat child poverty and social exclusion better and that the EU should help in this, a report says.

The feasibility study of a Child guarantee launched in Autumn 2018 aims to assess the feasibility, implementation options and added value of a Child Guarantee.

As part of the study an online targeted consultation was conducted earlier this year to gather views on the feasibility, efficiency and overall benefits of a Child Guarantee in order to help formulate the final recommendations.

Over 1,150 people were invited to fill in the questionnaire between 14 January 2019 and 22 February 2019.

In their replies, the large majority of respondents indicated that their country should combat child poverty and social exclusion better and that the EU should help in this by doing more than it has up to now. This was particularly true for countries where the level of child deprivation is relatively high. The greater involvement of the EU was supported in particular by respondents from NGOs.


A detailed analysis of the replies is presented in the report on the consultation: Feasibility study for a Child guarantee.


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