Call for proposals – NGO Grant to promote the fight against sexism

The Council of Europe’s Gender Equality Division is launching a call for proposals for an NGO grant to promote the fight against sexism.

This call for proposals aims to co-fund a project with activities at the national level aimed at promoting the implementation of Council of Europe Recommendation CM/Rec(2019)1 on Preventing and Combating Sexism and complementing activities undertaken by the Council of Europe with member states.

Activities will aim to:

  • Encourage public debate around the prevalence of, and response given to, sexism by different actors, so as to promote higher levels of understanding/awareness of the phenomenon and identify adequate answers, as appropriate and relevant to different national contexts.
  • Promote the use of the Council of Europe Recommendation on Preventing and Combating Sexism as a concrete tool to eradicate sexism

The project shall be carried out by an umbrella non-governmental organisation with strong expertise and experience in work related to the promotion of gender equality and women’s rights, in cooperation with national branches / member organisations in respect of activities at national level.

Deadline for submission of offers: 18 November 2019

The tender can be found here.

Appendix I-Application form

Appendix II-Estimated budget

Appendix III-Grant Agreement

Questions and answers



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