World Mental Health Day 2019: Sport Helps



Mental Health is a global issue. World Day does nothing but remind us of this dimension. But as the 2019 day context focuses particularly on suicides there is one additional element that is far more dynamic than any official report: the memory of 800.000 victims per year and especially of the young people included in this number; suicides are now the second leading cause of death for youth even with an increasing tendency.

The findings of multiple scientific studies and long-term application of the respective therapeutic schemes have established the notion that Sport, Physical Exercise and appropriate Physical Activities can make a decisive contribution to the prevention and treatment of a range of mental illnesses and conditions: Sport helps. However, its integration into mainstream therapeutic approaches is unjustifiably lagging behind and ENALMH is constantly fighting for a strategic partnership between Sport and Mental Health.

We rely on the eight parameters that make up the current picture as stated in the “WHO Special Initiative for Mental Health (2019-2023): Universal Health Coverage for Mental Health, THEORY OF CHANGE” and put questions that require answers from everyone.

The questions and related materials, organised in three daily units, will be presented on three consecutive days during October 8th-10th as we attempt to make Mental Health a daily affair in addition to anniversary events.


Each day’s materials are provided in the following link >>




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