Youth Psychosocial Facilitator @ Refugee Trauma Initiative | Thessaloniki – Greece

Youth Psychosocial Facilitator

Location: Thessaloniki, Greece

Contract Length: 6 Months (Renewable)

Contract Type: National Contract, Full time / EU Citizens Only



Refugee Trauma Initiative is an NGO working in Greece to provide trauma-sensitive, identity-informed psychosocial programming for young refugee children and their families, and for refugee and local youth, all while working to set a new benchmark in mental health support for refugees worldwide.

RTI supports two main lines of psychosocial and educational programming: Baytna, which targets young refugee children with specialized early childhood development (ECD) programming; and Dinami, which targets refugee and local youth with skill-building interventions built around a project-based learning (PBL) approach. In addition, RTI provides ad hoc training and capacity-building support to local NGO partners. We work at two levels 1) direct delivery 2) training partners to embed trauma-informed, identity-informed and value-based practices


The Dinami Youth Empowerment Programme

Dinami addresses mental distress and social exclusion by bringing young people from ages 15-24 together to learn, create, connect and learn and practice relaxation, regulation and grounding tools. Meaning ‘power’ in Greek, it offers refugees a vital link to the community, plus a chance to develop skills, make friends, and get respite from the challenges of life in displacement. Connecting host community youth to like-minded refugees helps to counter negative narratives around refugees and promote diversity and inclusion within wider society.

Our interventions are participatory, experiential, and youth-led: through sports, the arts, social events and project-based learning, we aim to empower vulnerable young people to solve their own problems, create positive change and build community cohesion. We incorporate therapeutic, trauma-informed, psychosocial tools into our programming to give participants space and tools to process difficult experiences that may continue to affect them emotionally, somatically and socially.



The Youth Psychosocial Facilitator will work closely with the Dinami Programme Lead to develop and deliver Dinami programming, encompassing psychosocial care, community building, skills development, and professional coaching to other young people coming from refugee and underprivileged populations. The role holder will also be responsible for working with partners of RTI including community leaders with lived experience of being a refugee and displacement and for delivering training in RTIs values-based approaches and methodologies.




  • Working with Dinami Program Lead, identify opportunities for programming, design and develop specific workshops,
  • Implement specific workshops, taking lead in arranging venues, securing attendance, ensuring quality of programming, and providing feedback to Dinami Program Lead,
  • Design, plan, facilitate and lead specific Dinami workshops, taking participants through a Dinami workshop process and in some cases simultaneously training future Dinami workshop leaders,
  • Act as a liaison between Dinami and RTI staff, and volunteers or community members engaged in Dinami as instructors,
  • Identify volunteers and community members with the knowledge, resources, and interest in conducting, facilitating, or assisting in future workshops,
  • Identify organizational partners with resources available for future workshops (for example, a community center able to host a workshop, or a sports program willing to loan equipment for Dinami’s usage),
  • Lead community outreach, identifying youth (individuals or groups, refugee or local) in or around Thessaloniki and building strategies to engage them in youth programs,
  • Support Dinami Program Lead and RTI Director in engaging with sponsors, donors, and other stakeholders in Dinami,
  • Provide mentorship and coaching to Dinami participants and alumni, helping them develop skills, work out solutions to specific challenges, and helping link them to education or livelihood opportunities.
  • As Dinami expands support the scale up of the programme into a hubs approach by supporting partner organisations to deliver activities aligned with the Dinami model.



  • Working with RTIs Head of Knowledge Management/Monitoring & Evaluation Officer, ensure that M&E tasks are carried out continually through life of projects and contribute to advocacy pieces such as blogs and social media posts, as well as to funding applications,
  • Working with Dinami Program Lead, ensure that relevant feedback is documented, absorbed, and incorporated in subsequent workshop and program design,
  • Working with RTI Head of Advocacy and Development,


Personnel Management & Support

  • Assist Dinami Program Lead in supervising Youth Trainees, ensuring their professional development and helping guide them toward career advancement opportunities,
  • Assist Dinami Program lead in supervising volunteers, ensuring that they comply with all relevant safeguarding protocols and that their instruction aligns with Dinami and RTI priorities and values.


Please note that while these are the current key areas of responsibility as Dinami develops and grows these may change over time making flexibility and open communication a key skill to bring forward.



  • Experience in child and youth protection and safeguarding.
  • Experience in managing projects for youth.
  • Experience as a facilitator with youth (10-24) and or vulnerable or at-risk populations.
  • Experience with or knowledge about migrant, refugee and asylum-seeking communities and associated challenges and adversities.
  • Applicants must be eligible to work in Greece immediately.
  • Proficiency in English required.
  • Greek and/or Arabic/Farsi/Kurdish language skills highly desirable.
  • Able to work dynamically and to respond quickly and appropriately to unexpected needs.
  • Able to take responsibility for assigned tasks and to respect processes and confidentiality.
  • Capacity to solve problems, to transfer knowledge and to develop new skills.
  • Understanding about systemic oppression and commitments to anti-racist practices.
  • Listening skills and a non-judgmental attitude towards our young participants.
  • Willingness to commit responsibly and to attend all essential training.
  • University degree in social sciences, arts, political science, human rights, or similar field desirable.
  • Personal qualities: Team player, responsive, flexible, able to handle stress and tension effectively and to work within a culturally and linguistically diverse team.

Applicants with lived experiences of displacement are encouraged to apply for this position.



Please apply by emailing your CV and a cover letter (no longer than 2 A4 pages), outlining:

1) Why you want to work with RTI

2) Your personal qualities that make you a good youth facilitator

3) Why you think psychosocial support is beneficial for refugee youth  

4) One idea you have for a Dinami project


Send to quoting Youth Psychosocial Facilitator” in the subject line.

The deadline is the Sunday the 16th of August 2020, but early applications are encouraged and will be reviewed on a rolling basis.


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