YPUN : Young Professionals – United Nations


  Consultants and Individual contractors are experts who are engaged to work on short-term projects as non-staff members. These categories are available both for young…

Tips to become a UN intern

Getting into the UN Internship Programme is a challenging but not an impossible task. Competition is fierce with numerous candidates from all over the world applying for available positions….

What is the UN Internship?

The United Nations Internship Programme is usually the easiest way for young professionals to start a career in the United Nations System. The purpose of the UN…

YPUN: Young Professionals – United Nations

Στα πλαίσια νέων διεθνών συνεργασιών, το socialpolicy.gr ξεκίνησε μια νέα συνεργασία με το YPUN : Young Professionals – United Nations. To YPUN είναι μια κοινότητα…

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