Structural Indicators for Monitoring Education and Training Systems in Europe – 2015

–> Date of publication: 12 November 2015

Full version: EN

This report contains more than 30 structural indicators that focus on country progress and key policy developments in five areas:  

  • early childhood education and care,
  • achievement in basic skills,
  • higher education,
  • graduate employability, and
  • learning mobility

Information covers all the EU Member States as well as Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Norway, Serbia and Turkey. The reference year is 2014/15.

The report provides background and complementary information to the Education and Training Monitor 2015 published by the European Commission. It also includes detailed information on each structural indicator of the Education and Training Monitor, including up-to-date figures, definitions, country notes, and short analysis of policy changes and reforms. The Education and Training Monitor is an annual publication of the European Commission which captures the evolution of Europe’s education and training systems by bringing together a wide range of evidence in a concise manner.



Chapter 1: Early Childhood Education and Care

Chapter 2: Achievement in Basic Skills

Chapter 3: Higher Education

Chapter 4: Graduate Employability

Chapter 5: Learning Mobility


Source -> Europa – European Commission – Eurydice


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