Europe: Limited access to healthcare for refugees

A report by Doctors of the World which surveyed over 30,500 patients in 2015 in 12 countries highlights the exclusion from the public health system of most vulnerable people in these countries. Financial barriers, such as the cost of treatment or insurance coverage are cited by 1/4 respondents as the main reason for not being able to access healthcare. Over 1/8 cites problems with red tape, such as not having all the requested documents.

44% of vulnerable pregnant refugees and migrants across Europe interviewed for this report did not have access to pre-natal care, while living in unstable temporary accommodation, without the perspective of having a roof over their head before the delivery, and 58% limit their movements for fear of being arrested.

This report also looks at vaccination rates amongst children and finds that over half had not been vaccinated against measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) and around 1/3 had not been vaccinated against tetanus.

The report by Doctors of the World


via the European Web Site on Integration

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