The gender aspect of the UNESCO Declaration of Ethical Principles in relation to Climate Change

UNESCO is asserting that at its core, climate change is an ethical issue. On 13-11-2017 in a broad consensus, the organization’s 195 Member States adopted a global Declaration of ethical principles in relation to climate change during the 39th Session of its General Conference (Paris, 30 October to 14 November).


UNESCO’s Declaration aims to help governments, businesses, and civil society mobilize people around shared values on climate change. It sounds the alarm that, unless ethical principles become the basis of climate action, both climate change and responses to it could create unacceptable damage and injustice.


Gender equality is also incorporated in the text of the Declaration:

– page 3, third paragraph

– page 5, article 4

– page 6, article 5

– page 9, article 10.

Relevant link: .

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